Do You Need to Buy a Fume Cupboard? Count on Aircare Extraction Systems as Your Ducted and Ductless Fume Cupboard Supplier in Australia

If you operate a workplace that works with substances that produce toxic fumes or dangerous vapours, then you need to have a fume cupboard on hand to keep the air safe for employees to breathe. At Aircare Extraction Systems, we are fume cupboard suppliers in Australia and have been for more than two and a half decades. Whether you need to buy a ductless fume cupboard or install a ducted solution, we can help you find what you need and customise it to suit your needs. The question is, which option is right for you: ducted or ductless?

Ducted Fume Cupboards vs. Ductless Fume Cupboards: Understanding the Differences

Ducted or ductless? When buying a fume cupboard solution, this question is one of the first questions you will need to answer – as well as one of the most important.

A ducted fume cupboard is perhaps the more traditional option. Ducted cabinets, as the name implies, use ductwork to carry fumes and vapours away from your laboratory and out of your building. In most cases, the fumes travel through ducts and out into the open air.

The main advantage of ducted fume cupboards, if you plan to buy from Aircare Extraction Systems, is the sheer size of our product portfolio. More than 30 years of experience have gone into developing our extensive Advanced Air range of ducted fume cupboards. That means that we have had a long time to perfect every facet of the product, from adherence to Australian standards to quiet operation. The size of our range means we can also easily customise a cupboard design to suit your needs. Different sizes, dimensions, materials, and other unique specifications can be met quickly and seamlessly, ensuring the perfect fume extraction system for your lab.

The main drawback of ducted cupboards, meanwhile, is that they require ductwork. This additional infrastructure adds expense and can mean some downtime for your lab, depending on the complexity of the ducting. A ductless fume cupboard will allow you to avoid this issue. Instead of expelling fumes outward, ductless fume cupboards use sophisticated filtration methods to provide a completely self-contained means of dealing with fumes.

This self-contained design means that, when you buy a ductless fume cupboard from Aircare, you get a legitimately portable fume extraction product. Because the system doesn't link into any ductwork, it can be moved from one room to the next – or even one building to the next – without much difficulty. The added flexibility in location is something that many labs prefer.

Finally, ductless fume cupboards are more environmentally friendly than their ducted counterparts. Because a ductless fume cupboard filters fumes internally, it doesn't need to expel any harmful vapours into the atmosphere. Labs pushing for improved sustainability will sometimes choose to buy a ductless fume cupboard for this reason alone.

Trust Aircare Extraction Systems as Your Ductless Fume Cupboard Supplier in Australia

No matter what type of fume extraction system you decide on, you can count on Aircare Extraction Systems to deliver a high-quality solution. We are happy to be your ducted or ductless fume cupboard supplier in Australia. To learn more about our systems and talk about which option is right for your lab, give us a call on +61 3 9548 5999.