Buy a Fume Cupboard for Sale in Australia: Choose Aircare Extraction Systems as Your Supplier

Does your business require a new fume cupboard for laboratory work? If so, your focus is probably on a few different things. First, you need to find a product that is up to par with all national standards and regulations. Safety is, of course, a major focus any time the handling and extraction of toxic fumes is at hand, and finding a fume cupboard supplier that consistently meets regulations is a significant boost to your peace of mind.

Secondly, you want to find a fume cupboard for sale that is well known and proven across Australia. An unproven fume extraction system – even one that supposedly meets all regulations – is not something you can trust completely. Since having the right fume cupboard can mean the difference between a safe laboratory and a major incident, this kind of purchase is definitely not the right place to take chances.

Finally, you want a fume cupboard supplier that will work with you. You want someone who can provide custom products built to suit your necessary specifications, not the other way around. You want to buy a fume cupboard that fits into your laboratory design and performs the necessary functions, and that may require customisation of the product itself.

Choosing Aircare Extraction Systems as Your Fume Cupboard Supplier

If you need to buy a fume cupboard for your company's lab, look no further than Aircare Extraction Systems. Our business and our products have no difficulty passing the three-point test described above. Here's how we meet your needs to deliver quality fume extraction installations:

  • Our products meet all national standards and regulations. We go through third party NATA certification to ensure the technical competence of our products. We even played a key role in helping the government update the ASNZS 2243.8 standard (for fume cupboards in laboratories). Because we were involved in updating the standard, we are intimately aware of what is required to meet it.
  • If you are looking for a fume cupboard for sale and want a proven product, you can't beat the Aircare Advanced Air brand. The Advanced Air range has a national and international reputation. That reputation is built on our 25 years in business, as well as upon a far-reaching implementation of our products. Indeed, our fume cupboards are used everywhere – from research institutions to schools and universities, all the way to manufacturing factories.
  • Need a customised product? No problem. Aircare is happy to work with you to design a turnkey fume extraction system that will integrate seamlessly into your laboratory and your business in general.

Learn More about Aircare Today

Are you interested in finding out more about Aircare – from our Advanced Air range to our role in updating government standards to our product customisation options? To ask questions or enquire about the fume cupboards we currently have for sale, just give us a call on +61 3 9548 5999.