Provide a Safer Work Environment with a Fume Extraction Fan from Australia's Aircare Extraction Systems

As a business owner and employer, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe and healthy workplace. That commitment can be difficult to keep when it comes to working with gases, toxic fumes, dust, or other potentially dangerous materials. In factories, plants, or laboratories where these hazards are present, it's important to have a fume extraction system in place that can keep the air clean and breathable on a consistent and reliable basis.

The Brinkmann Low-Pressure Direct Drive Centrifugal Fan: 30 Years of Proven Performance

At Aircare Extraction Systems, we dedicate ourselves to designing and selling high-quality fume extraction fans in Australia. These fans make it possible to expel fumes and other harmful substances from the workspace. Having a reliable system to remove these impurities from the air can go a long way to ensuring the safety of a potentially unsafe work environment.

When it comes to reliable fume extraction systems, there are not many products on the market that can rival the Brinkmann Low-Pressure Direction Drive Centrifugal Fan. This product has been one of the flagships of the Aircare product stable for more than 30 years and continues to be a vital part of our range to this day. If you need a system that can handle toxic fumes, corrosive gases, dust, or other forms of contaminated air, look no further than this widely used fume extraction fan.

Reliability is the single most important part of the equation when it comes to choosing a fume extraction fan. Luckily, reliability is where the Brinkmann centrifugal fan excels. There are multiple reasons for this unbeatable reliability, from the corrosion resistant materials used in the construction of the fan module to the lightweight polypropylene rotors. The corrosion resistance allows the fan to operate in any room or space – regardless of the materials or fumes you need to vent. The lightweight rotors cut down on torque and allow for better acceleration, making for quicker venting and faster response times without any worry about overheating.

There are other reasons to choose the Brinkmann fan as part of your fume extraction system, too. They are easy to maintain, built to last, and operate with less noise than most fume extraction fans. Add the 30 years of proven industry application, and you have a system that you can count on to keep the air in your work environment clean and safe to breathe.

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Do you need a new fume extraction fan for your Australia factory, laboratory, or plant? If so, Aircare Extraction Systems can provide you with the kind of proven, reliable system that you require. The Brinkmann Low-Pressure Direction Drive Centrifugal Fan did not become an industry staple by accident, and it hasn't endured as a key Aircare product for 30 years without reason. Quite simply, we don't know of a better fume extraction fan anywhere on the market.

To learn more about this system or our other fume extraction products, give us a call on +61 3 9548 5999 today.