Ducted Fume Cupboards

Specifically designed to provide a safer working environment, the Advanced Air® series of fume cupboards is one of the most effective fume management control systems available today.

The Advanced Air® fume laboratory cupboards offer flexibility in design drawn from over 30 years experience in working with our key specifiers and users. This means dimensions, materials and user needs can be met without delay at minimum additional cost, while still maintaining the high standards of efficiency and safety performance.

The broad product portfolio of fume cupboards or fume hoods, quite unique to Aircare, offers users a varied choice and provides for architects and engineers solutions not always readily available in the market.

Our pre-delivery quality control and testing ensures a smooth transition from manufacture to installation. All facets of the process are controlled, right through to final IQP or NATA certification to ASNZS224.8 – Safety in Laboratories.

Another unique aspect of Aircare fume cupboards is our “in house” design of the Advanced Air® fume cupboard safety controllers. This design is now proven throughout Australasia and Asia. Models include Fixed Volume by-pass, EcoAir® (VAV), and the sophisticated VSS® (VAV) model. These designs are robust and are able to withstand extreme conditions and environments.

The accuracy of the Ecoair® and VSS® when fitted to the fume cupboards offers known outcomes for specifiers. The ability to re-programme and the adaptability of the product means we can design systems that meet the stringent ASNZS air flow standards across a number of fume cupboard designs.

There are many options available in fume cupboard layout and finish from exterior carcass, the work surface material, the type of sash, fixed or variable volume, use of perchloric acid (requiring removable work surface with sump and interior baffle sprays), the types of tap ware and electrical services, under bench frames or cabinets, and methods of installation.