Fume Extraction Fans

The Brinkmann® Centrifugal Fan is a universally well known fume extraction system and has been an integral component of Aircare's product portfolio for over 30 years. These fans provide utmost reliability wherever dust, fumes, contaminated air, toxic or corrosive gases are to be handled.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, they are designed for long service and economy, and are easily maintained. An integrated extraction system is an essential component of any fume extraction management system.

Brinkmann® Low Pressure Direct Drive (optional belt-driven) Centrifugal Fans come with fan housings of 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm and 400mm diameters and include inlet and outlet spigots.

The one-piece, 36 blade, polypropylene rotor comes complete with labyrinth seal and coverplate and is statically and dynamically balanced. The injection moulding process used produces an optimum disc and blade resulting in high performance with extremely low noise levels. These polypropylene rotors are half the weight of their steel equivalents and hence produce better acceleration characteristics and lower operating torque.

The Brinkmann® fan can be powered with single or three phase motors with low energy consumption as standard. The net fan weight varies from 25kg to 65kg.

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Brinkmann® DD315mm PVC Centrifugal Extraction Fan

Brinkmann® DD315mm PVC Centrifugal Extraction Fan