How to Find a Table Top, Benchtop, or Laboratory Fume Hood for Sale

When you think about chemistry equipment, you might immediately think of shelves filled with test tubes and beakers. Maybe those of you who have spent a little more time in such environments imagine Erlenmeyer flasks and microscopes instead. However, too few people spend enough time considering the practical aspects of chemistry – which you need to bear in mind to keep your facility safe and productive. Setting up a lab that people can work in effectively requires you to consider several less obvious factors, such as the quality of air in each work area. Individuals who work in corporate and industrial labs often understand this, but they're also important in areas where participants are likely to have less knowledge and experience – like schools.

If you run a school chemistry lab, you'll need to make sure the air inside is always safe for your students to encounter while they're working. Remember: you'll probably spend more time thinking about that than they will, so it's a critical responsibility. However, lab workers and overseers at any level should be aware of the equipment needed to keep the air safe and breathable during experiments. You may want to look at your different fume hood options, and purchase appropriate models for your facility.

The Difference Between a Table Top or Benchtop Fume Hood and a Laboratory Fume Hood

Fume hoods help to remove potentially hazardous vapours and particles from the air in your lab so that they do not interfere with the people working there. There are several different varieties available, and each lab should weigh them against each other before making a choice. Some hoods use ducts, but these are often expensive, and their lack of portability can be a negative factor. There are also smaller, more mobile hoods – which tend to be more practical and affordable. A laboratory fume hood resembles a cabinet and contains filters to clean and recirculate air. These items are often excellent for demonstrations. A benchtop or table top fume hood is even more compact in nature. Many school labs provide a benchtop fume hood for each station, allowing multiple groups of students to work at one time.

How Aircare Extraction Systems Ltd Can Help

If you're searching for a benchtop or laboratory fume hood in Australia, you may be interested in the products offered by Aircare Extraction Systems Ltd. Our company has more than 25 years of experience working with clients from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. We work with a large variety of industrial businesses, but also provide equipment for school laboratories. Our ability to offer products tailored to each client ensures proper air protection in every case. When you contact us, we'll speak with you about the needs of your lab and provide you with something on which you can rely.

Keep the people who work in your labs safe so that they can remain efficient, and invest in fume hoods for your facility through Aircare Extraction Systems Ltd. Contact us today with your questions or to place an order. We'll be happy to help.