Control Emissions and Pollution with a Wet Fume Cupboard Scrubber from Australia's Aircare Extraction Systems

Ducted fume cupboards are incredibly useful for a lot of reasons. If you are working with acids, solvents, gases, or any other chemicals that give off toxic or even corrosive fumes and vapours, a ducted fume cupboard can carry those fumes away so that they do not harm your lab workers. While the top priority is to take these fumes away, so they aren't getting into the lungs, eyes, or skin of your team, though, it's also important to think about their eventual destination. In most ducted systems, fumes and vapours are carried away from the workspace and eventually dumped into the air. Unfortunately, fumes expelled in this fashion can often negatively impact the environment.

Using a Wet Scrubber to Kerb Your Lab's Pollution

At Aircare Extraction Systems, we specialise in designing and building ducted fume cupboards. We've been in this industry for 25+ years, and our Advanced Air brand is known internationally for its reliable fume extraction capabilities. We also build wet fume scrubbers in Australia – system designed to remove harmful particulates from your fumes before they are exhausted into the atmosphere. Having a wet scrubber in place can help kerb your lab's air pollution. Whether you are trying to meet government standards or working towards a new green initiative, a fume cupboard scrubber can help.

A wet scrubber works by using water and mist to remove toxic particulates from cupboard vented fumes. The system sends the toxic air through a pressurised water spray. Certain particulates within the fumes then absorb water molecules and become too heavy to continue venting towards the atmosphere. This process leaves behind wastewater, but it also effectively 'cleans' the fumes coming out of your fume cupboard. As a result, many contaminants from your lab never reach the atmosphere, resulting in lower levels of air pollution, and protecting the environment.

Buy a Wet Scrubber in Australia

If you are already using an Aircare Extraction System fume cupboard, just let us know. We can usually mount our fume cupboard scrubbers right above or inline with the cupboard itself. This way, fumes move directly from the cupboard into the scrubber, providing the highest chance possible of removing harmful particulates before they escape into the air.

If you have neither a fume cupboard nor a wet fume scrubber, Aircare can provide a full turnkey solution that incorporates both systems – as well as ducting to carry the scrubbed fumes away from the cupboard and out of your building.

By using a wet fume scrubber in Australia, you can do your part to protect the environment. Working with harmful chemicals is a scientific necessity in many situations, but expelling the toxic fumes from those chemicals is not necessary. With a fume cupboard and wet scrubber installation from Australia's Aircare Extraction Systems, your lab can be more conscious about what it is putting out into the atmosphere.

Are you interested in learning more about our fume cupboards and wet fume scrubbers in Australia? Call Aircare on +61 3 9548 5999 to enquire about these systems today.